December 2011
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Christian Werner – Sales Director, Technical Products
Frank Schäfer -
Sales Director, New Products

Technical Performance
TC - LabCo in a New Light
PAK 610 now also with
Solvent-Free Laminating

Non-Contact Coating now
available for smaller orders

Innovation Award

Inert Gas Dryers - Closing the Loop

Printed Electronics, Part I
Employees donate to
Children’s Cancer Society

March 2012 Open House

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We approached the year 2011 with confidence – and our expectations were not only met, but were even exceeded. Therefore, we look forward to 2012 with at least as much confidence.

The foundation of our success is the trust you place in us. We want to renew this trust year after year. For this reason we continue to consistently invest more in research and development – making your competitive edge possible.

We are particularly pleased about the C2 Innovation Award, the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group was awarded for the development of gravure roll sleeve technology. This new technology offers not only cost benefits, but also improves working conditions on the machine. Environmental protection and security in dryer construction enjoyed the highest priority. And, we would like to invite you to next year’s Open House event, being held in March 2012, today. This, and many other developments, are discussed in this newsletter.

We wish you a peaceful, blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year, filled with health and success!

Michael Schmalz
Head of Sales and Marketing

Personnel   Christian Werner – Sales Director, Technical Products

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Machines and how they work have always fascinated Christian Werner. It was only logical that, on completion of his secondary schooling, he trained as a machinist, followed immediately by a course in General Engineering at the Fachhochschule Hamburg. After a brief interlude as a project engineer in the field of ship
refrigeration systems, he joined KROENERT in 1991.

Since then he has remained loyal to the organization. Starting at costing and quotations, Christian Werner moved to project management for coating and laminating in 1994. In 2001, he was appointed to the position of regional sales manager for Germany and adjacent countries.
   Frank Schäfer - Sales Director, New Products

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Born in Sindelfingen, Frank Schäfer studied Chemical Engineering at the Fachhochschule Reutlingen, graduating as a qualified Engineer. On completion of postgraduate studies in International Marketing (MBA) he began his career as an Area Sales Manager at C. Illies & Co, a Hamburg investment goods trading firm
focusing on Asia. After a short stint as Sales Manager with an automotive supplier in Tübingen he eventually moved to the North, where he was appointed as Sales Manager for Asia and Great Britain at KROENERT. Since October 2011 he has been Sales Director for New Products at KROENERT, with particular interest in the field of coatings for renewable energy sources and energy storage. He is also now responsible for the marketing activities of the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group since mid-2011.

Technical Performance   TC - LabCo in a New Light

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Research and Development has special significance at KROENERT. New manufacturing processes can be tested under production conditions at the Technology Center – a special service, not only to customers, but increasingly to science.

Many research projects at universities of applied sciences and academic universities are currently directed at alternative energy sources. Improving the efficiency of solar cells and the storage capacity of batteries have become important issues.

   PAK 610 now also with Solvent-Free Laminating

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For decades, the PAK series by KROENERT has been the benchmark in the domain of wax and hotmelt coating for flexible packaging. Its multifunctionality, thanks to variable laminating techniques, sets the PAK apart from the industrial standard.
The basic configuration is available in different variations, depending on requirements, for example:...
   Non-Contact Coating now available for smaller orders

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When it comes to non-contact and non-compound cycling coating processes the first thing that comes to mind is the curtain-coating process. This technology is still optimal when high-precision aqueous or solvent-based wet coatings have to be applied in thin layers at speeds of at least 100 – 2.500 m/min. Logically this is best suited to large orders.
The picture is somewhat different for small machines and low-velocity production. The speed at which curtain coating operates, depending on the flow rate (coating weight), is usually at least 100 m/min – much too fast for many applications.
   KROENERT wins C2 Innovation Award

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The coveted C2 Innovation Award, an internationally recognized prize for innovation in the converting industry, was awarded at ICE Munich this year. More than 40 companies from around the world submitted their concepts in competition for the award, and waited in anticipation for the international jury’s decision.

Prizes were awarded for the five most innovative products, processes and technologies in the processing of paper, film and foil in 2011.

The award, presented for the pioneering development of the new...
   Inert Gas Dryers - Closing the Loop

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The processing of solvents often leads to problems with the high volumes of exhaust air generated and the purification thereof in compliance with the BImschG (German Federal Emission Protection Act).

Today, with the increasing production speeds in coating machines for solvent-based coating,
dryers have to remove large amounts of solvent. This situation means that atmosphere driven dryers require large areas of space for their exhaust conduits and purification systems. Similarly, the monitoring measures required to prevent the formation of explosive air-solvent vapor mixture are extensive.

General   Printed Electronics, Part I - The Next Step into the Future

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Units with complete electronic systems are increasingly replacing the production of individual components. Printed electronics are being applied particularly in the areas of organic photovoltaics, gel electrolyte batteries, sensors, RFID antennae, displays, electro and thermochromic functional layers and OLEDs.

But, how does this technology actually work?
   Employees donate to Children’s Cancer Society

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In glorious late summer weather in September a company party was held on the KROENERT grounds. Almost 700 employees and their dependents jointly said goodbye to the summer with good food, cold drinks and music.

The high level of participation was a clear indication of the strong bond between company and employees. Staff turnover at KROENERT is low, and tenures of up to 40 years are not uncommon.

   March 2012 Open House

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On 22 March next year, another interesting Open House event is taking place at KROENERT in Hamburg. The main theme of this event is the development of coated and printed products essential to the production of renewable energy and energy storage. We will be presenting the different processes and possibilities available under production conditions through the LabCo, first introduced to the public in January 2010, and also the RECO.


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