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The KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group of companies is able to look back at a very successful 2012, a year in which all expectations were met.

We were able to complete the extension of our production capacity in Hamburg and restructuring on schedule, by the end of the year. In launching the MCO 5000, we were able to introduce our fourth series after the PAK, RECO and LabCo, to the market. This line meets all needs of our customers, offering standardised machine layouts which, thanks to the modular design, can be individually assembled and extended at any time. This makes its production cost-effective, while the lead and operational implementation times are short, giving our customers a competitive advantage.

We have taken on a great deal for 2013. We will be introducing our machine concepts at a wide variety of trade fairs and events. Besides attending the bigger fairs such as ICE Europe and USA and the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber (K), smaller, specialist fairs such as the JEC in Paris and the LOPE-C in Munich are also on our program.

We hope to see each other there.

We’re looking forward to a new,
exciting year with you!

My best regards
Frank Schäfer
Sales Director New Products

Personnel   Daniel Eggerath, Head of Technology Center

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Since October last year Daniel Eggerath has been responsible for the professional, organizational and HR management of Process Technology and the Technology Center at KROENERT, Hamburg. Eggerath’s desire to be an engineer started early.
“I always wanted to know how airplanes actually flew”, he says. After completing his secondary education, focusing on electro-technology, at a vocational high school, his path as a technician was clearly set: studies in mechanical engineering, a thesis on gas turbines at Rolls Royce and a dissertation on coating, with an excellent final evaluation.
   KROENERT trainee honoured

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The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts and BILD Hamburg have, for the eighth time, run their “Trainee of the Year” competition. For the competition, Hamburg trainees are subject to extensive testing covering seven different fields, including knowledge gained at school, a skills test, an interview and a video filmed on their mobile/smart phones.

Company News   Ready for New Business

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For more than 100 years KROENERT GmbH & Co KG has been doing business at the same location in Hamburg-Altona. During the course of time, the factory premises have been continuously extended and altered to meet growing and changing needs.

In 2012 the entire winder manufacturing unit was moved from Bülach, Switzerland to Hamburg in an internal move within the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group.
In planning the required new manufacturing facilities, KROENERT took the opportunity to optimize its physical structure and internal processes. This resulted in, for example, the RECO and LabCo lines, which are available for the use of the Technology Center and are being supplemented by a new PAK 610 this year, being relocated in one space.

Special Deliveries   KROENERT global: High-Tech plant delivered to India

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As the market leader in coating and laminating plants, the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group delivers its products to customers worldwide, and services customers in almost every country on earth. Still, there are places which don’t appear on our task lists all that often – such as India. So, our satisfaction was all the greater when an order for an Avery Dennison Inline Silicon Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Plant for the Pune operation in India was placed.

India, with its high growth rates, is a market of the future which is of increasing interest to manufacturers of consumable and industrial commodities.

Technical Performance   New Modular Line in the Portfolio – the MCO 5000

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Market requirements and expectations in the mechanical engineering field are constantly increasing. To succeed in the market today, machines must be pricewise reasonable, extendable, flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly.
   Clean Room Conditions at the Technology Center

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Modern coating lines are able to apply material in such wafer-thin layers that even a dust particle can cause problems. Material contamination, e.g. coating failures caused by dust particles, can lead to unusable end products, especially in high-transparency polymer films and products for the electronics industry. This is why coatings of this nature are performed under clean room conditions.

   Trial and test planning at the Technology Center

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The Hamburg Technology Center has been a favored tool of KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC customers for years. Today, thanks to the range of technical equipment available, not only customers but also research institutes and manufacturers use the center for test runs, while the group itself also uses the center for research and development.

The goals for these trial runs differ. Technical processes for coating, laminating and the printing of substrates are developed, manufacturing process techniques are defined and, last but not
least, standards are developed so that technical process guarantees for the manufacturing of coated or printed substrates can be given.

General   World premier at ICE Asia

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This was the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group’s third attendance at ICE Asia in Shanghai. The participation in 2008 and 2010 was already a great success, especially around the topic of High End technologies, also the central theme at this fair, and was key to the Group’s attendance.

On this occasion the Group was able to make a great impression with a world premier – the first presentation of the new MCO 5000 line. This modern machine offers
the customer individual combinations of the individual modules on a basis of standardized machine layouts (MCO 5000). A team of experts from BMB and KROENERT were on hand to answer all questions about the MCO 5000.
   Around the world in 365 days

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At KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC customer relationships have always been of great importance. Personal meetings and discussions are invaluable, which is why the group is so enthusiastic about using the opportunity of meeting clients worldwide at trade fairs and events.

In 2012 KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC had its own stands at LabelExpo in Chicago, ICE Asia in Shanghai, Rosupack in Moscow and JEC Composites in Paris. The group was also represented by speakers and tabletop exhibitions at about a dozen other symposiums and lecture events.


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