July 2011
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Nils Vollmann – Head of Assembly
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Renewable energies, the conservation of resources, environmental protection and climate change – these are the catchphrases of our times. These topics have become more relevant than ever before, not least as a result of the Fukushima/Japan catastrophe. Kroenert-BMB-Drytec is making its own concrete contribution to these issues:
  • Substantial energy saving during drying
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Better machine availability despite smaller batch sizes
  • Reduction in material loss as a result of specialized winders and web guides
To meet the challenges of the present, Kroenert-BMB-Drytec have significantly increased the resources available for research and development and are upgrading and extending the Technology Center. The group is well-equipped to develop and implement the mechanical engineering concepts required for coating in batteries, fuel cells, OLED, photovoltaics and composites. The same applies to coating on the nano scale, batch-feed thick coating and high-viscosity epoxy resin coatings with tolerances of below 0.5 g/m². Read more about these and other topics in this newsletter.

We work at the forefront of technology – and gladly in cooperation with you and your projects!

Michael Schmalz
Sales Director

Newsflash   „KROENERT GmbH & Co KG“

The new name since June 2011 for Maschinenfabrik Max Kroenert GmbH & Co KG. Concise and clear, just like the world-renowned branding for products by the market leader in producing converting machinery.

Innovation and tradition from one source.
   Kroenert-BMB-Drytec Mission Statement

What do we stand for as a company? With almost 110 years of tradition and an average employee tenure of 15 years this question is still vitally important.

For this reason the Kroenert-BMB-Drytec executive management composed a mission statement. All corporate functions are aligned to this mission statement, which defines not only the goals which all employees should strive to achieve, but above all the values and principles which guide our business on the road to these goals.

We would really like your opinion!
Please have a look at our mission here – we look forward to your comments.

Dr. Tarik Vardag (Management),
tarik.vardag@kroenert.de, +49/40-853 93 200 and
Michael Schmalz, m.schmalz@kroenert.de, +49-40-853 93 160
   News from Proline

Several new developments are available, with immediate effect, for the highly-rated Kroenert-BMB-Drytec Proline visualization system.

Operating system: Windows 7 Pro
Development system: Visual Studio 2008 and
VisiWinNet Version 6.4
Screen size: 22“

The popular and convenient menu structure on the display screen remains in place.

For further information please contact Jürgen Blum,
juergen.blum@kroenert.de, (+49/40-853 93-210).

Personnel   Nils Vollmann – Head of Assembly

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Born in the rural village of Lenzen on the Elbe, Nils Vollmann moved to Hamburg to start a career. In 1987 he commenced training as an apprentice industrial mechanic, belonging to that group of employees who have spent their entire professional life loyal to one company.

On completion of his training, Nils Vollmann was employed all over the world as a fitter. He installed machines in almost every country in the world, from Taiwan to Israel, Canada and China to Africa. Only South America is missing from his list.

In 2000 he completed his training as a master craftsman in mechanical engineering, and ...
   Jens Habermas - Head of Electrical Manufacturing

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Jens Habermas joined Kroenert in 1994 from the mineral oil industry. The individual manufacture of every machine and the related, ever-new demands in switchboard manufacture, machine wiring and assembly are what stimulate and excite the master electrician. Since joining Kroenert he has remained
loyal to the group and is, as the head of electrical manufacturing, responsible for an entire team. The challenges of the job motivate him for new developments every day - he and his team are very proud of “made in Hamburg”.

As the father of two daughters, during his leisure time his family is his top priority. Just after that comes his photographic equipment, used whenever possible in the hunt for beautiful landscape images.

Construction and Assembly   Siemens Masterdrive Out of Production

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It has been confirmed that the Siemens Masterdrive, on the market since 1997, will not be available from 1 October 2011. It is being replaced by the Sinamics drive unit.

Kroenert-BMB-Drytec has been testing the new drive at the Technology Center for some time now, with good results. Since 2007 new machines have been equipped with the Sinamics drive.

Technical Performance   Extension and expansion of the Technology Center

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Kroenert-BMB-Drytec has offered its clients a unique service – the Technology Center – since the 1950s.

Test machines in production and laboratory format offer a variety of possibilities for test runs. New and further developments in substrates and coating materials can be brought to production readiness as much as new coating, drying and winding processes. Furthermore, Kroenert-BMB-Drytec employees are trained at the Technology Center to ensure speedy assembly and commissioning of machines for clients.

   Variety of winders

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The variety of unwinders and rewinders available from Kroenert-BMB-Drytec is as wide as the variety of materials and substrates available. From single winders with winding shaft to the shaftless turret winder with direct drives, everything is possible. The group’s comprehensive range of standard and special winders is
manufactured in Bülach, Switzerland. There one can look back at decades of experience in the manufacturing of winders.

All winders are designed to the product specifications to guarantee a reproducible result. To make this possible, winders are produced in working widths of 800 mm to 3300mm. For web separation, besides the standard fly cutters, a diversity of specialized cutting systems such as the traverse cutter or rotating crosscutter is available.

Special Services   Triplex Laminating Machine ennobled

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The Queen – the latest addition to the Kroenert-BMB-Drytec group.

In February 2011, and on schedule, a turnkey triplex laminating plant was handed over to the Bischof + Klein company.
Right from the start this machine handover was a particularly special occasion – not only did it represent an improvement in the production capacity of Bischof + Klein, but also the fulfillment of a heart’s desire.

General   New „Open House“ event planned

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Open House at Kroenert – a day filled with information and specialist lectures on topical themes. Experts will be presenting technical innovations to a select audience.

   LabCo – the movie

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At the ICE in April 2011 in Orlando, Florida (USA), Kroenert-BMB-Drytec presented a new machine in a film rather than in its original form – for the first time. The LabCo product film, completed in time for the trade fair, shows new applications for coating, printing lithium-ion batteries, printed electronics and lightweight composites, classic coating applications such as gravure and smooth roller processes as well as modern applications including slot dies, bead mode or tension web mode. Coatings range from the nano-scale to applications of several hundred grams per square meter.


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