July 2012
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Volker Siebott,
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Andrea Glawe,
Head of Development

Corporate News
secures the future

CFRP Technology
Competence Network

ISO 9001 Certification achieved

Special Services
Major Order for Custom-built Production Line for Photovoltaik Backsheets
LabCo goes to
Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg

High End Machine for
the Electronics Field

Eight19 and KROENERT -
an OPV success story

Technical Performance
New Generation Dryers:
lower energy consumption,
reduced CO2 emissions

One Coating Process –
Many Possibilities

Better Performance with new
Structures in Engineering

Printed Electronics, Part II
Full House at Open House 2012

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This year, once again, we want to make sure that you are kept informed of the latest news and developments at the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group. There is a lot to tell, from technical achievements such as new engineering structures and additional options in the Bead Coat process, developments in photovoltaics and electronics, to corporate and HR news. There is a great deal happening, and we are looking to the future with confidence.

At this point I would like to thank you for your interest in and support of the I News. This is the last time I will be involved in a new issue as Mr Frank Schäfer is taking over responsibility for the I News. I will remain with the group as an Authorized Representative (Prokurist) and Sales Director for special projects.

With warm regards

Michael Schmalz

Personnel   Volker Siebott, Head of Sales and Marketing

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Since 01 April 2012 Volker Siebott has been responsible for Sales and Marketing at KROENERT GmbH & Co KG and Bachofen + Meier AG.. On completion of his studies in engineering with a graduate degree in plastic technology, Siebott spent more than 20 years with various companies in the industry. After involvement in projects in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, he directed, amongst others, worldwide sales for the SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH,
a leading provider of flat sheet, filament and extrusion coating and laminating machines in Austria.

At KROENERT he would like, along with the company’s core business, to establish firmly and grow the company’s presence in the "New Technologies" field.
   Andrea Glawe, Head of Development

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Since March 2012 Andrea Glawe has been at the head of the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC Research and Development department. As a graduate engineer in Textile and Process Engineering, she spent more than ten years in the scientific field, working, amongst others, on projects at various Fraunhofer Institutes and universities before moving into industry in 2001. Glawe then spent several years
directing technical operations at a mechanical engineering company before her love of science and research motivated her into moving into research and development. Awards such as the TechTextil Innovation Award 2005 and the JEC Innovation Award 2010 clearly demonstrate her achievements.

Company News   KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC secures the future

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Our sights are set on the future, using tradition as our base. The original company, KROENERT, is, at 109 years, the oldest in the group. Machines have been built here since 1903; today KROENERT manufactures, in partnership with
BMB in Switzerland and DRYTEC in Norderstedt, Germany, high quality, custom coating and laminating machines, from design to turnkey handover.
   CFRP Technology Competence Network

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KROENERT has been a member of the CFK-Valley Stade e.V network of expertise since August 2011. In this research and
corporate network, world leaders in CFRP lightweight technology get together to promote and drive technical innovation using their collective, focused expertise. This collaborative effort focuses in particular on common, goal-oriented projects, the utilization of synergies and increasing efficiency in the manufacturing processes of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites.
   ISO 9001 Certification achieved

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It’s official - KROENERT has achieved ISO 9001 certification. Quality management has always enjoyed high priority at the company, and all internal processes have complied with ISO 9001 guidelines for several years. No changes in our procedures were necessary.

Special Services   Major Order for Custom-built Production Line for Photovoltaik Backsheets

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In the middle of last year, the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group received this particularly interesting order. The Dunmore Corporation, an international company with production facilities in Germany and the USA, recently embarked on a major extension of their production capacity, and ordered the necessary coating and laminating machinery for their Freiburg works from KROENERT. Dunmore is a world leader in the manufacture of specialist products for photovoltaics, graphics, surfacing, insulation and aerospace.

   LabCo goes to Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg

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Due to its versatility, the highly successful LabCo continues to address the needs of a broad customer base. In early 2011, the
KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC Group was awarded by Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) , Freiburg for the delivery of a roll to roll coating machine to manufacture flexible photovoltaic film.
   High End Machine for the Electronics Field

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The production of electronic products with varnish coating, barrier and adhesive coatings requires, above all, very high levels of precision. To manufacture these high quality products requires micron-precise coatings of defined thickness and extremely
homogenous air and temperature distribution in the dryer. The KROENERT DRYTEC-BMB group was able to make the most of their ideal combination of the latest technology and unbeatable efficiency.
   Eight19 and KROENERT - an OPV success story

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In early 2011, Eight19 a developer and manufacturer of third generation solar cells based on printed plastic, ordered a R2R coating and printing machine from KROENERT. The tailormade machine to Eight19’s specification is based on the LabCo family of products and is equipped with multiple coating and printing heads for the development and pilot production of organic photovoltaic modules (OPV).

Technical Performance   New Generation Dryers: lower energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions

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Every drying process in coating and laminating consumes energy. Coated materials have to be separated from organic solvents and water, and 100% solvent-free coating materials have to be joined using convection heating.
   One Coating Process – Many Possibilities
The Contact-free Bead Coat Process

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Since 2008 the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group has worked on a new coating solution capable of meeting the widest range of requirements in one system. After extensive testing at our in-house Technology Center, the new and reliable production alternative is ready: the Bead Coat process.

   Better Performance with new Structures in Engineering

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In order to meet the worldwide need for ever-decreasing delivery lead times while simultaneously maintaining high quality and reliability in custom coating and laminating machines, KROENERT has successfully revamped structures in Engineering. As would be expected of us, this did not amount to the relocation of core competencies to outside organizations, or a decrease in the number of orders completed. KROENERT chose to follow a different path.

General   Printed Electronics, Part II
Variety of Coating Heads leads to Flexible Machines

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In Part One of our series Printed Electronics we looked at the operational functionalities of this new technology. Today we are looking at the coating process.

Printed electronics is now an integral part of the organic photovoltaic, gel battery, sensor, RFID antenna, display, electro-and thermo chromic functional layer and OLED fields. Various coating and printing processes, depending on requirements, are applied.
   Full House at Open House 2012

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The fourth Kroenert Open House event took place in perfect spring weather in March 2012. More than 170 participants – yet again more than at previous events – gathered information on coatings for lithium-ion batteries, organic photovoltaics, printed electronis and composites. Besides representatives from the industry and research and development, the press, representing well-known trade magazines such as Coating, C2 and Packmittel, were there to gather information on the latest technical developments in the industry.


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