June 2009
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PAK 610

News from the Technology Center
News from the Kroenert/BMB/Drytec Technology Center

Modernization of Existing Lines
Modernization of Coating and Laminating Lines
Updating /Modernizing Drive and Control Technology

New in Design and Assembly
3D Construction with CAD

Prepreg Lines for Horizontal and Vertical Processes
Full service history – the Kroenert service contract

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Keeping you informed about new projects, current exhibitions & trade fairs and new developments in technology at the companies in the Kroenert Group on a regular basis is our reason for this publication. We also want to keep you up to date on events at Kroenert, and strengthen dialogue with you. Motivated by the positive response to our email invitation at Drupa 2008, we have decided to keep you constantly informed by means of an electronic newsletter – effective immediately.

You‘ll read all about what’s happening in the Kroenert Group on a bi-annual basis. From now on you’ll be the first to know! The following topics will feature in the newsletter:

• New developments
• News from the Technology Centre
• Special deliveries
• News in design and assembly
• Events
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• Miscellaneous/General

Have we left out a topic of special interest to you? If so, please let us know. Talk to us about improving your machine, new investments and test runs in the Technology Center. We’re looking forward to talking to you!

Yours sincerely
Michael Schmalz
Sales Director

New Developments   Time is Money

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Downtime, in which a machine is not operational, is a substantial production cost factor. Up to 1.5 hours was the normal replacement time for a gravure roller. At Drupa 2008, Kroenert presented as worldwide first – the solution to this problem. Sleeve technology for ceramic gravure rollers and smooth rollers reduces the time required by one person to exchange a roller to 15 minutes (see illustration). Today, one year later...
   PAK 610 – the new benchmark in laminating and coating with wax and hotmelts

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With their coating and laminating lines for waxes and hotmelts Kroenert have been setting the benchmark for almost 100 years. The well-known PAK 600 combines low production costs with the highest performance levels.

Their newest-generation machine, the PAK 610, continues the tradition of high quality. With its modular design the PAK 610 can be tailor-made to the smallest detail to suit the customer´s requirements. Customers can select their system configuration, for example, the machine can be purchased first as a minimal version and extended later after successful start of production. Extension of the product range in response to new market...

News from the Technology Center   News from the Kroenert/BMB/Drytec Technology Center

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Since 2005 Kroenert has been able to run tests and trials at the Technology Center on two production scale lines. International and local customers, suppliers and raw material producers can test new or further-developed materials, or put application processes to trial under realistic conditions. In addition, all Kroenert line components can be closely inspected and, together with the four
Center staff members, lines can be designed and optimized to meet customer specifications.

The Center is also used for the in-house development of new technologies and the optimization of existing processes.

Modernization of Existing Lines   Modernization of Coating and Laminating Lines

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Remaining at the cutting edge of technology is the basis of success for any manufacturing business. However, during difficult economic times investment is kept to a minimum, and the replacement of existing lines and machines is postponed. In this respect there are good reasons for remaining on the ball in technological terms:

• Improvement of the profitability of a line
• Improved productivity
• Cost reduction through product change
• Competitive advantages through improved quality
• Reduction or elimination of emissions
• Reduced energy consumption

Achieving this does not necessarily mean making a new or re-investment. Specifically, Kroenert lines, with their modular design, can be upgraded or converted with relatively little expense and effort. Noticeable technical improvements can be achieved with low...

   Updating /Modernizing Drive and Control Technology

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Drive and control technology for coating and laminating lines has undergone massive change in the last few decades. Kroenert
has already been using the highly-rated Siemens S7 control technology with master drives and programmable logic controller. However, because of the long service life of the lines, many old models which use the Siemens S5 and ABB power converter...

New in Design and Assembly   3D Construction with CAD

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Kroenert has been using the modern NX CAD 3D System by Unigraphics (Siemens) since 2006 – an investment which has proved its worth. Parallel to the existing Medusa 2D system, new modules and component assemblies are increasingly being designed in 3D. The new PAK 610 is the first machine...

Presentation   Prepreg Lines for Horizontal and Vertical Processes

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Naturally, as a worldwide player in the Coating and Laminating machine field, Kroenert is also completely at home in the composite market. The resin coating machine is part of the company’s portfolio for more than 25 years.

For some years Kroenert is producing lines for the manufacture of prepregs for use in the aviation and space industry, wind energy plants, medical technology, automotive and ship building as well as the sports equipment industry. These composites, using carbon, glass or aramid fibers, combine outstanding...

   Full service history – the Kroenert service contract

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Kroenert lines are renowned for their reliability and low-maintenance. However, every laminating and coating line suffers wear and tear over time, particularly with years of three-shift operations and the highest production rate.

To avoid expensive repairs and shutdowns caused by line breakdowns, regular inspection and servicing is recommended. Kroenert offers this service to its customers...


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