June 2010
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New Lab Coater fo Highest Viscosities

Kroenert and BMB present innovations
Kroenert on show in the USA

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Simultaneous gravure roller coating technology revolutionizes coating machines

Technical Performance
The drives of the future
Fit for the future – the Technology Center
Specialized Winders for All Applications

Jürgen Blum - Head, Electrotechnology
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Do you know the saying: “one should reflect on one’s own strengths”? Whoever said this could not have been aware of the disastrous financial crisis which would hit the global economy in 2008 and subsequent years. Yet this saying is 100% to the point.

Enterprises which focused on their own strengths during this crisis have a clear competitive advantage. Instead of spending time managing the crisis, they have looked at ways of permanently improving their own business, without being able to alter their operating parameters.

Kroenert, too, reacted in this way. Our answer to the very difficult business environment was not retrenchment and down-sizing, but increased developmental activities for new, innovative products. Now that the global economy appears to be recovering and investment decisions are no longer on hold, our strategy is
paying off.

More than 50% of our new orders are for new products developed within the parameters of this strategy. Our time was applied to the development of products suited to the times – see the article “Drives of the Future” or “Simultaneous Gravure Roller Coating Technology revolutionizes Coating Machinery”.

My best wishes for good business.
Enjoy your reading.

Michael Schmalz
Sales Director

New Developments   New Lab Coater fo Highest Viscosities

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After the unequivocal success of the proposed LabCo at the beginning of the year, Kroenert has now also developed a Lab coater for the epoxy resin business unit.

The new PAK 400 EP Lab works with a maximum width of 500 mm; its modular design permits assembly to customer specifications. This guarantees that the machine is tailored precisely to meet the needs of the respective products. Intelligent, easily-serviced cantilever...

Appointments/Meetings   Kroenert and BMB present innovations

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This year Kroenert and BMB will again be participating in the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber “K” in Düsseldorf. We will be presenting our innovative machine concepts for the processing of artificial films from 27.10 to 03.11.2010.

At this trade fair the coating and laminating industry finds answers which go beyond the standard parameters, to questions relating to machine construction technology. Using the title, “Coating and Laminating adds value to plastic films”, Kroenert and...
   Kroenert on show in the USA

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Besides participating in various fairs in Europe, Kroenert will again be exhibiting at trade fairs in the USA this year. Customers, business partners and other interested parties will be updated on recent developments at the company.

Special Services   Simultaneous gravure roller coating technology revolutionizes coating machines

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Simultaneous coating is always applied when flexible carrier material should be coated on both front and back side, whether with similar or different coating weights. However, the better-known processes such as pan-fed gravure rollers, kiss-roll coating with nip dosing, double-sided wire doctor blade systems or four-roller coaters all hold some risk. Problems such as solvent evaporation and foam development must be reckoned with, and production rates are limited.

Technical Performance   The drives of the future

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Everything from one source is a basic principle of the service offered to its customers by the Maschinenfabrik Max Kroenert. Only in this way can the optimal compatibility of individual components be ensured. This also applies to the drives installed in the machines. Since 1919 ZAE Antriebssysteme have been producing high-performance, robust and innovative drive systems. The company is a Kroenert sister company and is located on the firm’s premises in Hamburg, Germany. ZAE-Antriebe keeps Kroenert and BMB machines running.

ZAE and Baumüller have made available to Kroenert, with immediate effect, a new development: a PM synchronized-drive motor with two-stage spur-bevel gearing. This drive motor pushes performance to levels not achieved before.

   Fit for the future – the Technology Center

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The Kroenert, BMB and Drytec Technology Centre made headlines as early as 2005 with the presentation to the public of the widest, fastest R&D machine for coating and laminating in the world. With a working width of up to 1300 mm and a maximum speed of up to 1610 m/min, this machine was unique. The tests performed here resulted in the nowadays standard production speed of 1000 m/min or more for PSA label materials.

Since March 2010 the line has made available extended functionalities, setting new benchmarks in the converting industry. . Machine layout, coating process and drying were reworked.

   Specialized Winders for All Applications

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Demanding tasks and applications require carefully-considered solutions. It is accepted that every machine is equipped with unwinding and winding stations suitable for the required performance. However, specialized winders are necessary for production using materials which are difficult to process, slow machines and low web tensions. These special designs include specialized cutting systems as well as individual adaptations for optimized winding.

In 2007 a new winder was commissioned. This equipment permits a minimal tension of 10 N (absolute) during the entire winding and change cycle.

Personnel   Jürgen Blum

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After completing an Engineering degree specializing in Electrotechnology (Dipl. Ing. Elektrotechnik) and spending some time at several manufacturing firms gaining work experience, I joined Kroenert on 01.10.1990, taking on the leadership of the electrical and assembly department. Today, with 10 electro-engineers and eight...
   Wolfram Szczepaniak

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Born and raised in Hamburg, I am a north German through and through – even if my name suggests otherwise. From an early age I was enthusiastic about construction and engines, and it was perfectly logical for me to study mechanical engineering. After completing my education with a graduate qualification in Engineering (Diplom Ingenieur) in Hamburg,...

Construction and Assembly   New Service for our Customers

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Soon Kroenert will be able to offer its Swiss customers a station for trial runs. As from autumn 2010, besides the Hamburg Technicum, a winder testing plant will be available in Bülach, Switzerland.

This will allow us to determine optimal cutting for unusual materials. With a web width of 1300 mm, the machine offers perfect test conditions.


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