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September 2013
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Markus Waterkamp,
Director Sales, Marketing & Service

Carsten Grebien,
Manager, Modular Lines

Corporate News
First MCO5000 in manufacture

Bundling of Expertise
at Hamburg Premises

Special Deliveries

New PAK 610 sold to
High Tech Company

Technical Performance

Hotmelt Coating
with Slot Die Technology

Innovations in Research
and Development


Employees donate to Kinderkrebshilfe (Children’s Cancer Center)

Always doing good – the HSH Nordbank Run

Trade Fair Preview Autumn 2013

Festo Valve Terminal Type 03 discontinued
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“To see clearly, it is often enough to change the direction of your gaze” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). In reality, that which sounds easy is often difficult to implement. Our environment has changed drastically in recent times, and we communicate and work very differently to 10 years ago. There are many innovations which require our attention.

The KROENERT team is eager and ready to take up the challenges which arise from new technologies and new markets. And to maintain our perspective, we like to alter the direction of our gaze. For example, we approach every task from the point of view of our customers: what is the optimum solution to ensure a good market position for our customers?

Every change brings with it the opportunity to create something new. In the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group, too, there was change during the course of this year: the KROENERT and BMB operations merged at the Hamburg site, Markus Waterkamp took over the joint sales and marketing management for the group, the first modular line, the MCO5000, was sold and the Hamburg team was significantly strengthened. Read all about this and other news in our newsletter.

Enjoy your reading,

Tarik Vardag
Tarik Vardag

Personnel   Markus Waterkamp: Sales, Marketing and Service Manager
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Markus Waterkamp   Markus Waterkamp has represented KROENERT and BMB as the company officer in charge of Sales, Marketing and Service since the beginning of 2013.

The Westphalian native began his career as an engineer in design technology for special machine construction. It quickly became apparent that, in the long term, the final adjustments to a lever or the determination of the load limit of components just was not for him.
"I'm more of a generalist than a specialist," says Waterkamp, "I'm interested in the big picture". As a result, he moved into line configuration and, after a study sabbatical, into industrial engineering marketing, and then sales and marketing management..
    Carsten Grebien, Manager, Modular Lines

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Since April 2013 Carsten Grebien has been at the helm of the MCO5000 Modular Line product group.

The Neustädt native became interested in technology at an early age. “It’s in our family”, says Grebien, “almost all of us
  Carsten Grebien
are craftsmen.” His decision, therefore, to study civil engineering at the Lübeck Fachhochschule was not surprising. After several years gaining experience in line construction, focusing on filtration technology, he served as a project leader in the development of floor cleaning machines.

Company News   First MCO5000 Under Construction

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It’s just been confirmed – the first MCO5000 will be assembled in China. A major Chinese company has placed an order for this line - the concept for which was only proposed at the end of 2012 - for the manufacture of technical products.
    Bundling of Expertise at Hamburg Premises

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On 01 June 2013 KROENERT and BMB merged business operations in Hamburg.

As the central company in the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC
  Kompetenz-Bündelung am Standort Hamburg
group, KROENERT became the
global contract partner for all capital investment and service projects.

Special Deliveries   New PAK 610 sold to High Tech Company

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Schut Flexible Packaging is a traditional Dutch company operating in the flexible packaging sector, and is recognized for the highest quality and latest technology. All products  
are manufactured to meet
individual customer requirements, and complex production processes are available.

Technical Performance   Hotmelt Coating with Slot Die Technology o

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Hotmelts are a common coating compound for which KROENERT lines offer different coating systems. Everything, from thermoplastic laminating adhesive to thermoset polyester resins, wax and paraffin, is possible here.

A high degree of accuracy in temperature, concentricity of the rollers and a degree of flexibility in use are basic requirements for processing molten media and achieving a first-class result.

Hotmelt-Auftrag per Schlitzdüsen-Technologie
    Innovations in Research and Development

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At KROENERT, Research and Development enjoys the highest priority. At the Technology Center in Hamburg, new technology is developed and tested, new chemical products are tested in process and, together with customers, innovative solutions for coating and laminating tasks are found.

General   Employees donate to Kinderkrebshilfe (Children’s Cancer Center)

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Once again, this year’s traditional KROENERT company party had brisk popularity. More than 700 employees and their families celebrated with food, drink and music on the company premises in Hamburg in lovely weather.

But, the KROENERT team not only wanted to have a good time, they also wanted to do good for others.

So, the KROENERT employees decided to donate the total income
from the raffle to Kinderkrebshilfe,
the children’s cancer organization.
    Always doing good – the HSH Nordbank Run

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The 11th Hamburg HSH Nordbank Run recently took place on 8 June 2013, and KROENERT was there! With over 21,000 participants in this traditional run for a good cause, this time was also a great success.   Laufend Gutes tun – der HSH Nordbank Run
    Trade Fair Preview Autumn 2013

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The KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group will still attend two trade fairs this year.

  • Battery and Storage, 30.09. – 02.10.13, Stuttgart
  • K, 16. – 23.10.13, Düsseldorf
    Festo Valve Terminal Type 03 discontinued

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As we have known for some time, Festo are finally discontinuing their Valve Terminal Type 03 Valve Terminal. The model has been earmarked for discontinuance for ten years now, and the final delivery of replacement parts is scheduled for the end of 2013.  


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